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Trusted and Experienced Hypnotist in NYC Area

Hal Brickman is a world renowned hypnotherapist and uses his extensive knowledge of hypnosis in NYC, to help patients control and overcome negative habits holding them back in life. Hal’s experience and literary contributions in the field have made him one of the leading hypnotherapists in the area. Hal’s powerful, yet highly effective hypnosis in Manhasset, NY, has been extremely successful in helping clients overcome issues such as smoking, phobias, stress, weight loss, pain, and more. By incorporating hypnosis into therapy, Hal is able to target the root cause of emotional and psychological issues holding clients back from reaching their goals. Hal Brickman has helped countless clients improve their outlook on life and help them deal with the difficult parts of their life in a more positive manner.

Call Hal Brickman today at (516) 439-4282 to schedule an appointment for hypnosis in Manhasset, NY. For more information, visit us at

Long Island Location:

1129 Northern Blvd, Manhasset NY 11030

Phone: (516) 439-4282

Queens Location:

110-50 71st Road Forest Hills, NY 11375

Phone: (516) 265-7069

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